Spandex Milano

Spandex Milano

A graphic touch!

Spandex, a multinational company in the graphics and visual communication industry, has moved its headquarter in the North West of Milan. The interior set-up, designed internally, had produced an operational but totally anonymous space. As a consolidated customer of our studio, Spandex asked us to develop an interior decoration project that would take into consideration the company’s mission and at the same time showcase the potential of Spandex products. We created then the artworks and a two-person team applied them all on a single day’s work. The decoration has a simple and effective style, like the very nature of the company. Spandex aim to be a valid and efficient partner to its customers.

Some ideas are directly suggested by the function, as for the shipping closet, decorated with a truck ready to go! Or the big iPhone of the mktg room which, for the passion of the person concerned, brings back a fantastic and impossible dialogue between Nietzsche and Mick Jagger. The project was conceived, produced and implemented in less than a month with very contained costs.

with Claudia Lauretta e Valentina Zangari