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Videos are today a fundamental tool to communicate products and contents. From instagram stories to more formal interviews, this tool is part of the contemporary way of communicating. Some of these videos were made internally in our studio, with dedicated software, others in a few minutes with a mobile phone. Some others (those with green quotes) were made by external companies.

The first Courmayeur Design Week-end is presented, for the very first time, during the Winter Season 2019/2020 Press Conference at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.
- December, 2019
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Viscom Live 2019 teaser. I was asked to introduce and explain the content of the upcoming ViscomLive, so I decided to jump into the project and explain it.
- September, 2019
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During 2019 Milan Design Week, at Stecca 3.0 building, 3M introduces the new 3M™ DI-NOC™ Glass Finishes.
- April, 2019
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3M™ Architectural Markets stories. A video to introduce these solutions to restyle interiors with a wide range of patterned and printable films.
- January, 2019
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Among the amazing novelties, introduced by the 2018-2020 3M™ DI-NOC™ collection, there was the ultra matte finish. This video enhance the beauty and usefulness of the plain color family.
- November, 2018

Interview by 3M™ - In 2018, during the Milan Design Week, the new 3M™ DI-NOC™ collection was introduced with an installation at the Triennale building. Here explained by the author of the project.
- April, 2018
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Traveling to Tokyo, I visited the 3M™ Japan Headquarter to get inspired for the upcoming restyling project of the 3M™ Italy Technical Center.
- July, 2018
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Interview by DAMN magazine - As designer of 3M™ installation at Palazzo Litta, on the 2017 Milan Design Week, I have been asked to tell about my professional life and the concept developed for that occasion.
- April, 2017
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Interview by Italia Grafica - On the 70th Anniversary of this historical graphic magazine, I have been asked to tell my opinion on the evolution of digital printing into the interior decoration environment.
- September, 2016

Interview by PPAN - On the 2016 Milan Design Week occasion, as content developer and designer of the exhibition, I have been asked by Paola Pierotti to anticipate what would have been displayed at the Inchiostro Creativo.
- April, 2016
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On 2018 Michele De Lucchi signed an installation dedicated to the future of working named "La Passeggiata" (the Walk) inside the Salone del Mobile pavilions. One of the four areas was dedicated to craft work and embroidery digital machines, were introduced by this video.
- April, 2015
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